Masters of hospitality

"The Masters Tournament is an international competition and the contestants are invited guests. Everyone should be treated with courtesy and respect."


- Augusta National Golf Course

The entire city of Augusta feels that way - and not just about the contestants.

Welcome to Augusta, the world's most exciting and hospitable city every first week of April, home to the world's most prestigious golf tournament.

We're fairly certain Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts timed the Masters tournament to coincide with the most glorious springlike weather around - but sometimes it seems as if it were the other way around, and nature waits to burst into brilliant blossoms in honor of the Masters.

Either way, we invite all our visitors to enjoy all that Augusta offers - from a world-class climate to history you can touch to a Southern hospitality that is incomparable.

If you need anything, ask. Augustans will be glad to help. Need information on the tournament? Check out the Masters preview in today's Chronicle, or our comprehensive coverage at It's the best time of year to be in Augusta. And we're glad you're here.



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