'Idiot liberals' think they're taking over

Wisconsin Democratic Rep. David Obey was pushed to the point of raising his voice.


He's not exactly Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh. In fact, Obey is as vocal a critic of the Iraq War as you're going to find in Congress. But Obey got fed up with his own liberals recently, and was caught on videotape saying so.

Handfuls of war protesters have been arrested at his congressional offices back home. And confronted by a pair of unrelenting, uninformed anti-war visitors recently, he was caught on tape ranting about "idiot liberals."

He later apologized.

He need not have. He was right the first time.

Sporting a "We don't support the troops," shut-down-the-war-now-at-any-cost attitude, the left fringe in this country is, in the words of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, in a full-scale "meltdown."

They want to take over. They marched across the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday to stage a sit-in at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's house. Why? Because she's not anti-war enough.

What are these folks ingesting?

That's a question Obey himself posed.

The left in this country is throwing a tantrum of historic proportions - storming the offices of those in Congress who agree with them. They want the rug pulled out from under our troops, and they're willing to do just about anything to get it done.

Nor are they willing to talk civilly. Last week, the leftist fringe convinced Nevada Democrats that they shouldn't do business with Fox News by co-sponsoring a presidential debate with the cable news outlet.

There you have it. The left in this country no longer even wants a dialogue with anyone they perceive to be on the right.

How can we expect Sunni and Shiite, Arab and Israeli, Muslim and Christian to so much as carry on a conversation when the left fringe in this country wants to boycott the right?

How narrow is your world view when Nancy Pelosi and David Obey are too conservative for you?

"The socialist, Web-addicted wing of the Democratic Party was apoplectic," the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote of the party's decision to drop the Fox News debate.

"Imagine if every political organization created litmus tests for news organizations before agreeing to appear on their programming. Republicans would have boycotted PBS, CBS, NBC, ABC, National Public Radio and The Associated Press decades ago."

The Review-Journal opined that the Democrats' "hyperventilation" is, in part, a result of the fact that the far-left has no "widespread national appeal for their radical views in favor of heavy-handed regulation, wealth distribution, diplomatic capitulation and economic protectionism. So they attack their rivals' messenger with a reckless barrage of rhetoric that cuts down their own allies with friendly fire."

It's so loony it's even driving liberals like Obey nuts.



Fri, 11/17/2017 - 00:56

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