It's just criminal

What in the world is happening to this country?


We've got members of Congress who think securing the border is a waste of time - Democratic Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy derides the effort as a "Potemkin fence" - and who want to dole out citizenship to anyone adventurous enough to violate our border and get here illegally.

We've got legislatures that have given illegal aliens college tuition breaks unavailable to legal residents of other states.

Various cities around the country have become sanctuaries, where police are not allowed to ask people about their immigration status.

When two border agents shot an illegal alien drug smuggler in the buttocks in February 2005, they were put in prison for more than 10 years - and the illegal alien received immunity.

This week, claims are being made that he was again smuggling drugs in October 2005 - perhaps with the help of a border crossing card authorities gave him to get to free medical care in America.

Can you say "suckers"?

The media aren't much help, either. While they report on any mishap that befalls an illegal alien - we know, for instance, that a van carrying up to 19 illegals overturned recently in north Phoenix - you probably haven't heard of Kris Eggle. The park ranger in Arizona was murdered by Mexican drug runners on Aug. 9, 2002. The 28-year-old had been stationed in a veritable sewer of illegal drugs crossing the border from Mexico.

He is just one of many victims of the illegal immigration crisis.

Even efforts to restrict illegal immigration are laughable: An Oklahoma bill being touted as "the nation's toughest" would, among other things, deny illegal aliens driver's licenses and public handouts. Oh, and it would repeal Oklahoma's current law providing illegals scholarships and in-state tuition.

That's the nation's toughest tack on illegal immigration?

Now we've got a lawmaker in Florida, state Sen. Frederica Wilson, who doesn't even want to call them "illegal aliens" because it will hurt their feelings. She's filed a bill making it illegal to use the term in official state parlance.

So, in Wilson World it's the legal residents who are the criminals.

Should police now try to halt an escaping thief by shouting "Stop, undocumented TV possessor!"?

Most illegal aliens aren't criminal in other ways - but the sheer number of them can give drug runners cover: CBS News reported this past week that since border enforcement increased in one stretch of the Rio Grande, apprehensions of illegals actually went down 71 percent - but drug seizures skyrocketed 300 percent.

It wasn't rocket science that made for the decrease in apprehensions, either: Authorities simply began detaining illegal aliens for two weeks to six months, rather than capturing and releasing them right away.

One of them told CBS she'd stay in Mexico now, "because she was treated like a criminal."

Oops. We hurt someone's feelings.

Careful! That may soon be a crime in Florida.



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