After further review ...

The National Football League positively swaddled itself in patriotism, as usual, at this year's Super Bowl - having U.S. fighter jets fly over just as Billy Joel finished the Star Spangled Banner.


Interesting - since the league apparently feels protecting the country's borders isn't patriotic.

It comes out now that the NFL refused to run a recruitment ad during the Super Bowl from the U.S. Border Patrol, deciding it was too controversial to allow talk of terrorism and the flow of illegal drugs and illegal aliens.

What? Protecting the borders is so controversial that the NFL won't allow recruiting for it to go on during the Super Bowl?

"The NFL missed a golden opportunity to reach countless patriotic citizens who want to answer the call to help prevent another terrorist attack on American soil," the president of the National Border Patrol Council told The Washington Times.

"It mentioned terrorism. We were not comfortable with that," explained an NFL spokesman.

The league's not comfortable with an ad asking for help protecting the borders - but is comfortable with openly lusty ads from and Chevrolet?

Here's a wardrobe malfunction for you: The emperor has no clothes.

"We proposed a more generic recruiting ad for the department that didn't highlight the borders, which brings up the immigration issue and the immigration debate. That's controversial," the NFL spokesman said.

So the league that features 300-pound men slamming into each other at full speed is now running full speed away from helping Homeland Security protect the borders of the very country that pays the NFL's bills?