Way over the line

The only thing preventing Wednesday night's border raid from being an act of war is the fact that the United States was helpless to defend itself.


We actually retreated from our own border.

America has reached a new low.

While the first woman speaker of the U.S. House was blissfully flexing her biceps in Washington last week, armed gunmen in Mexico overran a U.S. "entry identification" site along the Arizona border - inspiring outgunned National Guardsmen to retreat.

The area in question, between Nogales and Lukeville, is "known as a drug corridor," according to Arizona media: 124,000 pounds of illegal drugs were seized there last year.

Apparently, the drug runners consider that we're getting in the way of business.

While the gunmen scampered back into Mexico, the point was made: They're not the least bit afraid of American security.

And why should they be? Our poor Border Patrol agents are vastly undermanned and, apparently, outgunned. And the Guardsmen President Bush belatedly sent to the border last year? They're not even there to secure the border; they're there to provide "administrative support" to the Border Patrol. And everyone knows it.

If "administrative support" is all that's needed on our southern flank, then why not send in a crack squadron from Ernst & Young?

That'll show them!

We surrendered South Vietnam. We evacuated Somalia. The pressure is on in Congress to beat a hasty retreat from Iraq.

Now, we're retreating from our own border. What an embarrassment.

Where are the media? Where's the outrage? Where's the government sworn to protect us?