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Girl Scouts release details on Women of Distinction awards

Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia is seeking nominations for the 2010 Women of Distinction awards. Each year the council recognizes women who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of arts, business, community service, education, government, health and professions. Girl Scouts also recogni...

10/25/09 - 5:49pm

Hamlin dominates at end to win at Martinsville

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – Denny Hamlin turned a dominant car into a winner at Martinsville Speedway, passing Jimmie Johnson with 138 laps to go Sunday and holding off the Chase leader on a series of late restarts. Helped by a long green-flag run, Hamlin pulled away after a restart with 52 laps to go...

10/25/09 - 5:42pm

Analysis: Democrats miss mark going after GOP's Eric Johnson

Maybe Eric Johnson should be flattered that the Georgia Democratic Party has targeted him on its new Web site. The former state senator from Savannah is one of five Republicans it has accused of "corruption, graft, and backroom dealing." And he's one of three - out of seven - GOP gubernatorial...

10/25/09 - 5:35pm

Stimulus money keeping old jobs, not adding new ones

ATLANTA — Stimulus funds have preserved more government jobs than they have created, according to the state’s first progress report. The state has spent $702 million of the $6.5 billion it is expecting from the federal government’s special stimulus appropriation, and it has created 1...

10/25/09 - 5:15pm

Analysis: Atlanta mayor's race has statewide implications

ATLANTA - - Next month's election could spell the end to a generation of black mayors in the state's capital city and usher improved relations between the city and the state, with the result that Georgia taxpayers provide more benefits to Atlanta. While no votes will be counted from Augusta...

10/25/09 - 4:53pm

Gators back on top of AP football poll; Alabama drops to No. 2

Alabama slips to No. 2 in ranking after narrow victory at home over Tennessee.

10/25/09 - 4:59pm

Look at Sanford's calendar shows drop in meetings, paper says

COLUMBIA — A newspaper review of embattled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's calendar shows a decline in the number of staff meetings and public outreach sessions between his first and second terms. The State newspaper of Columbia reported today that, in 2004, Sanford with an average of a...

01/18/10 - 12:29pm

Club makes departure to serve game

Billy Payne embarks on a mission this week on the other side of the world. The Augusta National Golf Club chairman’s objective is simple – create heroes who will help the game of golf flourish in places it never has before.

01/15/10 - 12:41pm

Unintended consequences arise from health care system reform

I must admit I haven't read the new health care legislation, but it appears that the purpose of the initiative is to implement a system to cover the medical costs of uninsured people to assist them with basic health care. A large portion of uninsured people tend to have lower incomes and educati...

10/25/09 - 1:15pm

Nuclear energy becomes key in US climate debate

The industry's campaign to rebrand itself as green is gaining ground.

10/25/09 - 4:34pm
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