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Native sons speak to SC grads

COLUMBIA  - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson will be among the speakers for graduation ceremonies at the University of South Carolina. Robinson will speak today and Saturday afternoons. Bernanke will speak on Saturday morning. Rob...

05/07/10 - 5:53am

'Cooterfest' starts today in Allendale

ALLENDALE, S.C  - It may be the slowest festival in South Carolina, but there's little doubt it has the most interesting name. Cooterfest gets under way beginning today in Allendale. Cooter is another name for turtles. The highlight of the event is Saturday's annual Carolina Cooter race. T...

05/07/10 - 5:49am

PETA offers free, meatless meals to schools

 PETA offers to help the small, south Georgia school system with "meat-free" lunch policy.

05/07/10 - 5:46am

Pipe burst blamed for loud boom

A pressurized pipe at PCS Nitrogen burst this afternoon with a loud boom, triggering concerned calls to dispatch about a possible explosion. Nobody was injured though and there was no apparent damage beyond the ruptured above-ground pipe, which was bearing steam at 1,500 pounds per square inch, said...

05/06/10 - 6:47pm

Stocks extend plunge on concerns about Greece

The Dow Jones industrials dropped nearly 1,000 points today, before rallying to close down 347.

05/06/10 - 4:28pm

Youth gang summit planned Saturday

Officials will be holding a youth gang summit Saturday at A.L. Williams Park at 1850 Broad Street. The event will be from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and there will be free food and music, according to Charlotte Ginn, executive assistant of Bible Deliverance Temple's Dr. Kelly McKnight. The church's ministry -...

05/06/10 - 7:13pm

Stocks plunge on concerns over Greece

NEW YORK  - Stocks are plunging as investors give in to fears that Greece's debt problems will spread and halt the global economic recovery. The Dow Jones industrial average is down more than 870 points and Treasury prices are soaring. Computer program selling is intensifying the selling.  ...

05/06/10 - 2:58pm

Ga. students punished for chicken incident

HAWKINSVILLE, Ga. - Officials in Hawkinsville say 16 students held responsible for a prank that included turning chickens loose inside Hawkinsville High School and putting sardines in the air vents have been charged with felonies and barred from graduation ceremonies. Principal Mary Royal says the s...

05/06/10 - 1:32pm

Athens student arrested for sword in school

ATHENS, Ga. - Authorities in Athens say a 14-year-old student at Cedar Shoals High School was arrested after he brought a sword to school. Clarke County School District spokeswoman Anisa Sullivan Jimenez says police called the boy's mother when he showed up with the sword on Tuesday and transpo...

05/06/10 - 1:29pm

Costly to store SRS shipment in Texas

A plan to temporarily store two trainloads of SRS depleted uranium in Texas after it was rejected by Utah would prove costly.

05/06/10 - 12:14pm
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