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Martinez man facing rape charge

Columbia County police arrested a Martinez man nearly two years after a teen claimed he raped her.

08/02/10 - 7:14pm

Indicator points to continued strength in Ga. factories

ATLANTA -- Georgia’s factories have been busy, and a leading indicator released today points to continued activity in the manufacturing sector here.

08/02/10 - 2:39pm

UGA offers gameday parking for $120

ATHENS, Ga. -- The University of Georgia is offering gameday parking on campus for $120.

08/02/10 - 2:28pm

Armed intruders demanded drugs, Hephzibah woman says

A woman said armed men forced their way into her home in Hephzibah looking for drugs.


08/03/10 - 12:17am

Columbia County might rezone portion of landfill

Columbia County commissioners may decide today if they will rezone a portion of the Baker Place Road landfill for recreation.

08/03/10 - 5:26am

Butler high gym flooded

Richmond County school officials said today that flood damage occurred at Butler High School over the weekend.

08/02/10 - 1:19pm

Sea lions, dolphins help protect south Ga. Navy base

ST. MARRY, Ga. -- If underwater intruders elude electronic surveillance, we have a backup plan.


08/02/10 - 11:35am

Obama: US shifts Iraq commitment

ATLANTA — President Barack Obama is ready to spell out America's changing mission in Iraq.

08/02/10 - 12:35pm

Texting can lead to tickets

ATLANTA - Got a quick message you want to send to a friend or a family member? Better not be driving.

08/02/10 - 10:45am

SC man who pled to reckless homicide faces charge

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A South Carolina man who avoided prison on a reckless homicide plea now faces an assault charge.

08/02/10 - 8:34am
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