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Nightclub patron arrested by force

A headlock, pepper spray and a metal baton were needed to stop a man who reportedly attacked a deputy Tuesday night outside a downtown night club.

09/30/10 - 3:20pm

Update: Suspect still sought

Authorities are still searching for a suspect who escaped from their custody Wednesday, according to Lt. Calvin Chew.

09/30/10 - 1:00pm

Ga. schools may split game show prize money

A proposed court settlement would give half of the $1 million prize money won on a TV game show by the former Georgia schools chief to three state-run schools for the blind and deaf.

09/29/10 - 4:23pm

Azziz outlines aggressive plan

Continuing his plan to turn Medical College of Georgia and its clinical system and physicians into one integrated “enterprise,” MCG President Ricardo Azziz has outlined aggressive plans to reshape the focus.


09/29/10 - 4:14pm

Richmond sex offender sought

Richmond County investigators are searching for a wanted sex offender named Brandon Williams.

09/29/10 - 3:26pm

Soldier in Iraq's wife found dead

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A coroner says the body of a Fort Stewart soldier's wife who had been missing for several days has been discovered in Long County.

09/29/10 - 3:28pm

Promises, promises: Pelosi ethics pledge falters

Her reforms didn't touch access-buying opportunities like campaign fundraisers, corporate-sponsored events for informal lawmaker organizations, or sports tournaments held by members' charities.

09/29/10 - 3:13pm

New questions for Nikki Haley campaign

COLUMBIA — South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley is talking international politics as she travels across the country to raise money.

09/29/10 - 3:05pm

SC budget board suspends college construction

 COLUMBIA- State lawmakers put construction projects at some South Carolina public colleges on hold today as a way to force them to lower tuition.

09/29/10 - 8:37pm

Judge upholds water worker firings

A Richmond County judge agreed today that two city water employees should be fired for their roles in a time-card scheme, overruling an earlier personnel board decision to deny their termination.

09/29/10 - 1:22pm
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