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Sheriff, mayor hold solidarity walk

About 125 people took part in the walk, including more than 30 deputies, nearly a dozen children and numerous veterans.

09/29/16 - 11:57pm

Fort Gordon gets new command sergeant major

In a traditional ceremony full of symbolism Thursday morning, CSM Marcus Campbellofficially passed the garrison colors over to CSM Charlie Bryant Jr. to symbolize the change of command.

09/29/16 - 7:30pm

Graves Mountain plans mineral dig

Graves Mountain, a former mine known for its rare minerals, will be open to the public Oct. 7-9 for the semiannual Rock, Swap & Dig event, in which visitors can chisel away at rock outcrops in search of minerals.

09/29/16 - 7:24pm

Augusta document storage a growing problem

Augusta has a document problem - currently about 9,600 boxes of them.

09/29/16 - 10:21am

AU paycheck changes ease and add to employee burden

The changes at AU are coming about through new rules in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act that must be enacted by Dec. 1.

09/29/16 - 1:55am

Augusta homicide suspect's statement admissible as evidence

At the conclusion of a hearing Wednesday in Richmond County Superior Court, Judge James G. Blanchard Jr. ruled the videotaped statement was legally obtained, freely given and is admissible as evidence.

09/29/16 - 1:54am

Giants, GreenJackets announce two-year contract extension

The San Francisco Giants and Augusta GreenJackets announced Wednesday a two-year extension to the current player development contract through the 2018 season.

09/29/16 - 1:56am

Local students join peers nationwide in prayer

About 40 high schools students stood on the dewey football field at Westminster Schools of Augusta on Wednesday morning, joining their peers from across the area and country for the 26th annual See You at the Pole.

09/29/16 - 1:54am

Augusta road lighting project gets shorter and more frequent

City engineers are adding 72 light poles to a Walton Way project after contractors encountered "conflicts."

09/28/16 - 1:33am

City offers workshop Wednesday on doing business with it

The workshop, scheduled in the Compliance Department on the seventh floor, is free and open to the public.

09/27/16 - 7:15pm
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