Some unique crimes are hard to forget

Some crimes aren’t easily forgotten. The Augusta Chronicle recaps of some of the unique incident reports from 2011.



FIRST DATE: An Augusta woman told officers she was robbed by her date.

The woman reported she and the man she met online were on their first date at the Riverwalk on Jan. 23 when he claimed he needed to use the restroom and left with more than $500 of her money.


ANGRY MOM: A 15-year-old suffered broken bones after his mother hit him with her vehicle at Butler High School on Jan. 26.

After her son refused to apologize to a teacher or hand over his cellphone, Keisha Henry drove over the curb and hit her son. She grabbed his cellphone and drove off.


OIL CHANGE: A Bon Air Apartments resident reported Jan. 26 someone had busted the windows of his car and put rice and beans in his
oil reservoir.


WHERE’S THE MAYO?: A dissatisfied customer broke a window at the Deans Bridge Road Checkers on March 14 after his sandwich didn’t have mayonnaise on it.

An employee reported the customer was attempting to throw the sandwich and hit his hand on the glass causing it to shatter.


MAKING CHANGE: A 17-year-old was charged with a felony after he cheated a blind cashier out of money in April. Dave Singleton handed the blind cashier at Augusta Tech $5 and asked for change for a $20 bill.


SPIRITUAL READING: A 61-year-old Hephzibah woman discovered April 13 someone had busted the window in her car and removed her church books. The car was parked at the preacher’s Belair Road home.


SPARE CHANGE: Two men were detained after stealing 277 pennies from a dry fountain in Surrey Center on June 2.

They were taken into custody at a nearby service station where they planned to buy a big drink.


GETAWAY: A one-armed man made off with a truck July 30.

An employee at Top Notch Car Wash on Wrightsboro Road was in the rear of the vehicle vacuuming when Matthew Kirby jumped in and drove away, police said.

The employee fell out of the truck before it hit the curb and blew a tire. It was later found stripped.


MAKING A CLEAN BREAK: A man jumped out of a truck after he was spotted with a truck bed full of stolen Bounty paper towels.

The officer spotted the paper towel stacks as he passed the truck on Deans Bridge Road early Sept. 14 and thought it was unusual.

The towels were stolen from Luck Land on Deans Bridge Road.


MISSING TOYS: A 25-year-old reported Oct. 30 someone pried open the door of her home on Davidson Drive and stole $500 worth of unused sex toys.

The adult novelty saleswoman said a platinum bracelet was also missing.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY: A 37-year-old had six teeth knocked out after a fight on Broad Street on Nov. 9.

The man told officers he and a friend were jumped on the street after he played a song on the jukebox at Joe’s Underground for a woman celebrating her birthday. The report did not list the name of the song.


BARBIE BANDIT: A 65-year-old man reported someone broke into his Deans Bridge Road home and stole $900 worth of Barbie collectables Nov. 10.

An antique crib, Beauty and the Beast doll, hunting knife and three aluminum tables were also stolen.