Posted October 29, 2012 03:23 pm

My Weekly Power Poll

1. Thomson-9-0

2. Burke County-7-1

3. Strom Thurmond-9-1

4. Washington County-8-1

5. North Augusta-8-2

6. Washington-Wilkes-7-1

7. Silver Bluff-9-1

8. Lincoln County-7-1

9. Screven County-7-1

10. Augusta Christian-10-0


-There’s no debate for No. 1. It’s Thomson, and only Thomson, with a case for No. 1. Strom Thurmond is impressively unbeaten as well, but the Bulldogs have great wins. No one else can match the Burke County-Washington County combo.


-Though Silver Bluff won, the Bulldogs go down a spot. But it wasn’t just because of the close Barnwell win, as Washington-Wilkes should get more credit for beating Lincoln County.