Posted October 15, 2012 02:31 pm

My Weekly Power Poll

1. Thomson-7-0

2. Washington County-7-0

3. Burke County-6-1

4. Strom Thurmond-7-1

5. North Augusta-6-2

6. Silver Bluff-7-1

7. Washington-Wilkes-6-1

8. Lincoln County-5-1

9. Aquinas-5-1

10. Augusta Christian-8-0


-LincolnCounty’s comeback win at Aquinas led to all the changes this week. Normally, a road win like that would move up a team more than one spot, but I just can’t put the Red Devils ahead of Washington-Wilkes. That could obviously change before the end of the season, but with similar records and Washington-Wilkes’ head-to-head win, the Tigers should be ranked ahead ofLincolnCounty.


-The top four have been the most impressive consistently, but North Augusta has looked very good with Trib Reece at quarterback. At 6-2 right now, it’s possible the Yellow Jackets could be 9-2 when the state playoffs begin.