Posted October 9, 2012 01:33 pm

Player of the Year Watch

It’s now the second week in October, meaning Heisman talk has gained steam, with most of it about West Virginia’s Geno Smith, whose numbers are plain silly.


But what about the area’s equivalent to the Heisman? Who are the top Player of the Year contenders for high school football?


Last year was a showdown between Aquinas’ Brendan Douglas and North Augusta’s Vinny Miller. Douglas had impressive stats in a historical Irish season (school-record nine wins and the first state playoff win), while Miller was the star of an impressive team and had a historical year statistically (2,704 rushing yards, 39 offensive touchdowns).


Douglas was the pick.


This year, Williston-Elko’s Jarius Jenkins, Washington County’s William Walker and, well, seemingly everyone on Strom Thurmond all have crazy stats – and Augusta Christian, too – but three area players have leapt out in front of the pack.


Right now, Douglas, Burke County’s Donquell Green and Thomson’s Chris Jordan are the top 3. If Douglas wins, he’ll take the honors two consecutive years, thus becoming The Augusta Chronicle’s version of Archie Griffin. The order for the three, though? That’s the question.


Statistically, all are obviously great:

-Douglas: 798 rushing yards, 15 TD, 72 tackles, 40.0 yards per punt

-Green: 957 rushing yards, 636 passing yards, 21 total TDs

-Jordan: 1,195 rushing yards, 10 TD


Good thing the rest of the season will make a decision easier – hopefully.


Douglas and Aquinas are home Thursday night against Lincoln County, who has bedeviled the Irish during a 31-game winning streak in the series. Green has a possible region title game. Jordan’s bunch still has to play Washington County. All three candidates should also have state playoff runs.


But things will change, maybe even as soon as this week. Stay tuned.