Posted September 24, 2012 04:57 pm

My Weekly Power Poll

1. Thomson-4-0

2. Washington County-5-0

3. Burke County-3-1

4. Strom Thurmond-4-1

5. North Augusta-4-2

6. Washington-Wilkes-4-0

7. Aquinas-3-0

8. Silver Bluff-4-1

9. Lincoln County-2-1

10. Evans-2-1


-The top four are way in front of everyone else, and you could make a case that Strom Thurmond or Thomson or Washington County could/should be No. 1. But I think Thomson’s wins against Burke County and St. Pius X are incredibly impressive.


-Silver Bluff falls three spots after the blowout loss to Strom Thurmond. The Rebels remain No. 4 for me this week, but they’re not too far behind Burke County. Again, it’s the top four, a gap, and then everyone else -- at least right now.


-After Washington County easily beat Laney, I decided to drop the Wildcats from my poll. Evans is the new team in after beating Jefferson County. The Knights also beat Richmond Academy and lost to Elbert County.