Posted September 10, 2012 02:12 pm

My Weekly Power Poll

1. Thomson-2-0

2. Washington County-3-0

3. North Augusta-3-1

4. Strom Thurmond-2-1

5. Burke County-1-1

6. Silver Bluff-3-0

7. Laney-1-1

8. Washington-Wilkes-2-0

9. Aquinas-2-0

10. Lincoln County-1-1


No surprise at the top as Thomson remains my No. 1. The Bulldogs looked impressive offensively -- 328-yards-from-Chris Jordan impressive -- in a 51-27 win against Lakeside.


I decided to move Strom Thurmond down to No. 4 (from No. 2) this week, only because Washington County and North Augusta are both looking very good. The Golden Hawks have been scoring with ease against good folks while the Yellow Jackets have shown their depth at RB.


Washington-Wilkes is the only new team in the poll, and what an entrance it was. The Tigers won at Lincoln County, ranked No. 1 in Class A, for just their second win in the series since 2003. Washington-Wilkes replaces Augusta Christian.


This week, Thomson is home against St. Pius X. Win that, and the Bulldogs would be an even more obvious choice as No. 1.