Posted September 1, 2011 05:34 pm

Pat Dye remembers his time at Richmond Academy

Pat Dye hasn't forgotten what he learned at Richmond Academy in the 1950s, when winning wasn't hoped for -- it was expected.


Dye, who won 99 games as Auburn's head coach and is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, followed his two brothers to Richmond Academy and helped continue the school's decade of athletic dominance.


"There was a lot of tradition," Dye said. "They expected you to be good at Richmond Academy. Everybody played a part in it. The players themselves -- we were the beneficiary of all that. All we had to do was play and have fun."


Dye played both offense and defense and helped the Musketeers go 9-2-1 in 1956. After tying Boys Catholic, Richmond Academy beat powers Lanier and Northside (Atlanta) to win the state championship. Lanier and Northside were a combined 21-0-1 before they met Richmond Academy.


Though Dye also played football for the Georgia Bulldogs, was an assistant under legendary coach Bear Bryant and won 153 total games as a college head coach, he said he learned the most about football while on the 1956 Richmond Academy football team.


"You learn a lot of lessons coming along," Dye said. "I learned more playing for that '56 team than I did with any other team I played for or coached. It was a great experience. It was a bunch of kids that refused to lose."