Posted August 24, 2011 02:21 pm

Region 3-AAA Predictions

After only a few games last week, there's a full slate of games this time, meaning all Region 3-AAA schools will be either 1-0 or 0-1 after Friday.


Just two region teams played this past week (Grovetown and Harlem) but both have byes this time around.


As we get ready for a complete return to football, here are my predictions for Region 3-AAA.



1. Thomson

2. Richmond Academy

3. Grovetown

4. Josey

5. Westside

6. Harlem


The toughest decision in this subregion was deciding whether ARC or Grovetown would be No. 2. Both should fall in behind Thomson but could challenge each other for a No. 2 seed. The Musketeers defeated the Warriors by 24 last fall but do travel to Grovetown this time. Josey could surprise and Westside should be much improved from a year ago. As for Harlem, the Bulldogs are unlikely to match their 3-win total from the previous season.



1. Burke County

2. Washington County

3. Butler

4. Hephzibah

5. Glenn Hills

6. Cross Creek


Burke County should be the class of the region again. WACO figures to be safely in at No. 2. The real question is which school grabs the No. 3 spot. Butler and Hephzibah are the most likely candidates, and the Rebels did win by six last season. The Bulldogs are home for this season's meeting, and that's one reason I'm going with them this time. Glenn Hills played a lot of close games and could pull off an upset, but someone had to come in fifth. Finally, the Razorbacks are going to be better but are probably stuck in the last spot again.


Championship: Burke County defeats Thomson