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Posted November 9, 2012 12:07 pm - Updated November 19, 2012 12:09 pm

Electrolux, Ingersoll see gains in quarter

Quarterly earnings season is winding down. Lots of profits were reported over the past few weeks.

So how did the companies that have a presence in the metro area fare on the stock market for the past three months?

The local stocks ticker started the quarter July 2 at 1706.26. It closed Sept. 28 at 1749.38, a 2.4 percent gain in three months.

And the closing would have been higher except that Coke did a stock split in August. (The 44 stocks that make up the weekly stock roundup can be seen inside the Sunday business section.)

Among the big gainers during the quarter were Electrolux, Ingersoll Rand and International Paper.

There were no big declines in stock prices for the companies, though lower prices should be noted for Starbucks, Delta and US Airways.

The consistency award goes to DSM, which started the quarter at 38.75 per share and ended at 38.80 per share.


AN UPDATE ON HOUSING STARTS: New houses and a new fee structure is helping the city.

The year-to-date building permit revenue is up $165,000 as a result of the increase in new housing starts and the new fee structure implemented this year.

From January to October, there were permits for 308 new houses in Richmond County, that’s up from 245 for the same time period in 2011.


AIKEN RAIL: Aiken Railway Corp. signed a lease with railroad giant Norfolk Southern to operate 19 miles of track in Aiken County.

The company will take over running two sections – between Warrenville and Oakwood and between Aiken and North Augusta – on Dec. 1.

Aiken Railway is a subsidiary of South Carolina-based Western Carolina Railway Service Corp. It also said it would spend money improving the infrastructure.