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Posted February 16, 2012 09:06 am - Updated February 16, 2012 09:07 am

Recession took a bite out of Augusta self-employed

Nearly 12,000 people in the Augusta metro area work for themselves.
One of the products of the Census taken in 2010 is a look at the employment situation in the area. Out of a worforce of 228,461 people, there are 11,969 of them running their own unincorporated businesses.
The percentage – 5.2 percent – is about the same as most other metro areas in Georgia.
By comparison, San Francisco has the highest self-employment rate in the country at 9.3 percent with Los Angeles close behind at 9.0 percent. The area with the fewest is Norfolk, Va., at 4.4 percent.
The Great Recession took some steam out of the entreprenuerial spirit. In 2005, there were 14,252 self-employed workers in the metro area.


SPEAKING OF SELF-EMPLOYED: A bill has been introduced in Congress intended to assist entrepreneurs.
The Help Entrepreneurs Create American Jobs Act of 2012 makes permanent the tax deduction for startups at $10,000.
“The permanent deduction, allows for individuals to plan prudently their entry into self-employment and not feel rushed to start their own business before a looming end of a vital tax benefit,” said National Association for the Self-Employed Director of Government Affairs Katie Vlietstra.

UPGRADE TO 19 MPH: The standard gas powered golf car can only deliver 13 mph. So Club Car has devised a way to put more gitty-up in those speed demons.
Club Car is selling a kit called the Xcelerator that can make gas-powered golf cars go to 19 mph.
It can be ordered as a package when a person buys a new golf car, or there’s a $580 kit that can be installed by a dealer for the used car. Essentially, the kit is a drive clutch, belt and accelerator cable.
But there is a warning: The Xcelerator does not meet the speed requirements for ANSI (American National Standards Institute) use on golf courses, which specifies a speed of less than 15 mph. Wow, too fast for golf.

LUCKY 13: The Dow Jones is playing around with the 13,000 level. How long until it crosses that line?