Posted December 10, 2006 03:31 pm - Updated March 10, 2007 01:58 pm

The Weasel's Augusta Autobahn

A recent story in The Augusta Chronicle explained how the government is about to spend millions of dollars to build a few bridges and improve roads in downtown Augusta. This, the traffic engineers say, will ease some roadway congestion. What Augusta really needs is an Autobahn. Years ago traffic engineers dreamed up River Watch Parkway as a way to bypass the congestion of Washington Road and whisk commuters to their homes in Columbia County. And for a few years it worked wonderfully. Then these same traffic engineers started building more roads and adding more traffic lights. Businesses started springing up along what was once a bypass. It should be re-named “Washington Road II.” The Weasel has a simple solution - drain the Augusta Canal and build a superhighway down the middle of it. There would be no traffic lights, few exits and no speed limits. Just imagine a commute from downtown Augusta to the Historic Canal Headgates of Columbia County in less than 5 minutes. Augusta could combine the proposed drag strip project with the Weasel’s Augusta Autobahn and save the taxpayers money! Of course there would be some opposition to such a project. Many people enjoy the natural beauty of the Augusta Canal. But even more people would enjoy the scenic beauty while cruising down the canal at over 100 mph!