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Posted January 15, 2010 01:29 pm - Updated January 15, 2010 01:44 pm

Hairspray, Grace and Benjamin require your attention

I never thought the day would come when I would have to encourage an Augusta audience to plan ahead and buy early. For years, this has been a walk-up town, a city where tickets are routinely purchased at the last minute. It doesn’t matter if the door price is more than advance, in Augusta we always seemed to want to keep our options open, even if it meant paying a premium.


But the times, they are a’changin’.


Recent shows at Bell Auditorium and the James Brown Arena have sold quite well in advance. Carrie Underwood, who rolls into town in May, sold out in about 20 minutes. Willie Nelson, who did not do spectacular business the last time he was here, looks on pace to sell out Bell Auditorium for his show next week. There’s been a trickle down effect as well. Advance tickets have also been in demand for shows booked at area clubs.


I bring this up because tickets went on sale today for a couple pretty high profile shows. The first is a touring production of the hit musical Hairspray, being brought to the Bell on Feb. 15.


The second is a double-barreled rock show featuring Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin. Hairspray tickets are $45.50-$55.50 and Three Days Grace/Breaking Benjamin tickets are $37.75. Go to www.georgialinatix.com.


If either of these shows interests you, I suggest you consider buying tickets early. That seems to be the way things are headed.