Posted October 19, 2010 11:28 pm - Updated October 20, 2010 12:25 am

Behind the Scenes at Hawk Talk

Augusta RiverHawks head coach Brad Ralph (left) talks with reporter Billy Byler during his interview on's podcast Hawk Talk, recorded Tuesday evening at Somewhere in Augusta sports bar and restaurant - using wired microphones.
Last week I produced our first Hawk Talk audio podcast for

It should have been pretty simple. A recorder is hooked up to two wireless microphones. I start the recorder, adjust the audio level when necessary, then stop the recorder when the interview is over.


Things never work as planned.


The first segment went smoothly. As soon as the second segment was about to start, one of the microphones failed to work. I tried all sorts of adjustments, but I could not get a signal. So I went to Plan B. The reporter and hockey player would share a single clip-on microphone.  Not the best solution, but it worked pretty good.


The single mic solution worked OK until the end of the third segment, when Augusta RiverHawks general manager Gilles Richard unclipped his microphone and walked away from the table while reporter Billy Byler was saying a few final words. Richard didn't realize his mic was live at the time. I forgot it was our only working microphone.


The final minute of the show was recorded from a microphone near the feet of Billy Byler. Luckily the mic picked up enough sound that it didn't ruin the ending. I got the mic to Billy just as he was signing off.


This week I went low-tech. I plugged two microphones using XLR cables into the recorder.


It worked as planned.


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