Posted June 22, 2010 10:19 am - Updated June 22, 2010 10:42 am

The one that got away

Every fisherman has a story about how "the big one" got away. This is a story about how an award-winning photograph was almost taken.

It all started with a new window.

My old window had energy-blocking screens to keep the morning sun from heating up the kitchen. The new energy-efficient window uses glass and argon gas to let in the sun, but keep out the heat. It also lets me see my backyard clearly for the first time.

My wife noticed a bunny eating weeds. I noticed the spider webs glistening in the morning light.  After finishing my cup of coffee I grabbed my camera and an old 55mm macro lens. 

A small spider was sitting on a web, its weight tugging on the threads it weaved.

The morning light was yellow, making the web appear to glow against the shade trees in the background.

It was the perfect picture.  A spider.  A web. All bathed in beautiful light.

It was also about three feet too high to photograph with my close-up lens. So I ran back to the house, grabbed a ladder, and positioned myself for the perfect shot.

I framed the image, squeezed the shutter and - nothing happened. I pressed again and again. Nothing! Nothing!!!

I had left the battery in the charger and forgot to drop it in the camera. By the time I climbed down the ladder, loaded the battery and climbed back up the ladder, the moment was gone.

The yellow light had disappeared. The spider moved to a different location on the web. My potentially award-winning shot was gone.

I spent the next half-hour getting eaten by mosquitoes while shooting a variety of spider webs in my backyard.

They were pretty, but "the big one" got away.