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Posted March 16, 2010 06:39 pm - Updated March 19, 2010 04:49 pm

A meeting of like minds

I must admit, I've been waiting for an invitation.

I knew some of our regular commenters got together periodically. I saw the occasional reference to lunch or drinks on the porch. Like a wallflower at a high school dance, I could see the fun being had; I just wasn't included.

Surely, I couldn't invite myself - that wouldn't be right. OK, I might have dropped a subtle hint; something along the lines of "I've been hoping to meet some of you" or "Oh, y'all get together for lunch? That sounds like fun."
Pathetic. I know.

Well, it paid off all the same. The invitation came Tuesday: Lunch at 1102 Bar & Grill. The only thing that worried me was how to identify people I've only chatted with online. Happily, they recognized me. There were six grinning faces staring at me when I walked in .

I had a great time. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and I got to match faces with avatars - something I've been very curious about in the past couple of months.

Conversation was easy, nothing too controversial or political. They told me a couple of things they liked and didn't like about our new Web site, but eventually the shop talk stopped and we were just friends having lunch.

Thanks for the invitation. We'll do it again sometime.

checking up

A commenter recently posted under the "Collins teacher lost baby after attack by pupil" story that "a student was attacked and stabbed in the eye" at a middle school, resulting in permanent blindness.

We don't regularly fact-check all comments, but if something pops up that has the potential to become news , I will forward it to a reporter to follow up.

Education Editor Preston Sparks contacted Richmond County school system spokesman Louis Svehla and was told the pupil was actually punched in the eye. He had some swelling that made it hard for him to see that day, but he is OK and back in school.

Many of our story leads come from the public . If you have a news tip, a story idea, a calendar item or just feedback, please contact us. It might be front-page news the next day.

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