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Posted November 20, 2010 08:26 pm - Updated November 21, 2010 12:11 am

LIVE BLOG: Martinez KOs Williams in 2


Paul Williams is alive and able to stand in the middle of the ring and face Sergio Martinez as he is interviewed after getting knocked out cold in the second round of the WBC middleweight title fight.

What happened?

"I don't know man," Williams said. "I just got caught with a punch. I was coming in thinking it would be a very tough fight and he got me with a clean shot."

Was the fight going according to plan at that point?

"I felt good. I thought I was going to make it a tough fight the whole way through, you know what I'm saying. He just caught me with a punch that I didn't see."

But you've been hit before and known for having a great chin; why was this different?

"I don't know. It's the way the cookie crumbles. He just caught me with one I didn't see."

HBO analyst Emanuel Stewart was thinking Paul Williams was fighting "the perfect fight" until he was floored by Sergio Martinez.

Stunning conclusion and one that was not previously thought possible for Williams.

Like Paul Williams, I'm out.


It was a very even fight until Martinez delivered the knock-out blow that ended the fight officially at the 1:10 mark of round 2. Williams has often been criticized for leaving himself exposed, but he's always had such a tough chin that it never mattered until tonight.

"He was too open and left me a lot of room to come in and punch him," said Martinez.

Max Kellerman says the fight of the year has turned into the knockout of the year. 


Holy cow. Sergio Martinez delivers a crushing one-punch left at the 2:02 mark of the second round and Williams crumples face-first to the mat and never moves. It was a the most brutal end of Williams' career and a lethal blow to his hopes for a major fight.

Did not see that one coming. (And neither did Williams) Unbelievable.

Williams is finally sitting and moving. He was out cold there for a minute.


ROUND 2: Williams is trying to force a quicker pace.

OMG, Williams goes down and is out cold. It's over.


ROUND 1: Williams throws first punch about 1 second in. Typical. Martinez going for the clinch early, irritiating the referee. Martinez lands a couple of in-close blows. It looked like Martinez was landing more blows, but his ugly hold-and-throw style might not impress the judges. Didn't impress me. Williams 10, Martinez 9.


BUFFED UP: Michael Buffer is making the announcements. Martinez has been chirping that he's going to knock Williams out after feeling as if he was robbed in the last fight between them. Williams has never been knocked out. We shall soon see.



WALK-IN: Paul Williams has entered the ring decked out in lime green. The reigning champ Sergio Martinez is walking in wearing red and black. The show is about to begin. 


In a rematch of one of the best fights of 2009, Williams will again face Sergio Martinez tonight in Atlantic City, N.J., at Boardwalk Hall. Williams won a majority decision in a bruising bout last December. Augusta Chronicle sports columnist Scott Michaux will offer updates and analysis from each round of the scheduled 12-round fight that is being televised live on HBO.

The fight is scheduled to start at 10 p.m., though 11 p.m. is typically a more accurate estimate for the preliminaries to yield the ring to the main event. Stay tuned.


The preliminary replay is over. Now it's on to the main event we've all been waiting for. Once the Williams-Margarito fight starts, the round-by-round will be updated at the top of this blog. 


Antonio Margarito deserves some kind of particpation trophy for standing in there for 12 rounds taking that kind of punishment. I guess that's what that big paycheck is for. Wow, that was a beatdown. 


Paul Williams is a good looking young man. Why he would want to get in the ring with Pacquiao after seeing what he did to Margarito's face is beyond me. This is tough to watch.  


After 8 rounds, Margarito's face looks vaguely human. 


Have to hand it to Margarito. He's getting his face beaten pretty severely by Pacquiao, but he's taking it like a man and still forcing the action (often to his detriment). Why I'm writing in present tense for a fight that happened last week, I don't know. Getting set for the live fight, I guess.


The scene at Cowboys Stadium for the Pacquiao-Margarito fight is flat-out amazing. Paul Williams deserves a stage like that sooner rather than later. Here's hoping one of the superstars will grow a spine and set up a fight with Williams. (Yes, that was directed at you Pacquiao and Mayweather.)


Williams shown jumping rope wearing lime green trunks tonight. A brighter look than usual for the "Punisher."

For the record, the 29-year-old Williams is 39-1 in his career with 27 KOs. The 35-year-old Martinez is 45-2-2 (24 KOs). Tonight's middleweight title fight is at the catch weight of 158 pounds.


Margarito's penchant for slow starts -- "most notably in the Paul Williams fight" -- is mentioned in the second round.


Get to watch Manny Pacquiao dismantle Antonio Margarito as a warmup. What a show at Cowboys Stadium. 


There is talk in the boxing community that the winner of tonight's fight could get the opportunity to take on megastar Manny Pacquiao in a cash-cow event for the middleweight title. Pacquiao is considered by many to be the pound-for-pound champion in boxing after winning a title in his eighth weight class last week against Antonio Margarito.

While Pacquiao desires most the ultimate showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr., another holdup in setting that fight could cause him to turn his attention to Martinez or Williams in a quest for a belt in a ninth weight class. Martinez is considered a preferred opponent for all the reasons that have kept Williams from getting shots in the ring at fighters afraid of his freakish size and stamina.

Of course, the Williams camp and his fans are always skeptical that any of the sport's superstars will  be willing to square off against him. So it's not worth getting hopes up even if he beats Martinez once again.


Last year's fight was put together on short notice after Williams' marquee match against Kelly Pavlik fell through just three weeks before their scheduled date. Martinez stepped in as an emergency replacement, bringing a completely different style and stance (southpaw) to the ring.

It made for a great show, as both fighters knocked each other down in the first round before going the distance. Williams prevailed in the punishing fashion that earned his nickname. One judge scored it a draw while the other two gave the fight to Williams.

The latest updates will appear at the top.