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Posted August 22, 2006 04:41 pm - Updated August 30, 2006 08:45 am

Will Tereshinski shine?

Sure, Joe Tereshinski wasn't the sexiest choice in the four-way battle to be Georgia's starting quarterback. But he was the safest choice. When the success or failure of a football season might hinge on a second-week showdown in South Carolina where the Bulldogs traditionally struggle, playing it safe is a good idea. Head coach Mark Richt knows better than anybody else what his team needs to do to win now, and throwing a true freshman like Matthew Stafford into the fire isn't the smart play. If he was clearly that much better than Tereshinski, he would be the starter in the opener. Clearly, he was not ... for now. Tereshinski is a loyal, third-generation Bulldog who bided his time and learned the system behind NFL-drafted quarterbacks David Greene and D.J. Shockley. Whether or not Richt owed him the opportunity is not the point. Tereshinski earned the opportunity. He's smart, steady and knows the system better than Joe Cox (his current backup), Blake Barnes or Stafford. Considering the skill he'll have around him, that's the kind of QB the Bulldogs need to keep the mistakes to a minimun and get the ball in the hands of the running backs and tight ends who will be the key to making the offense click in 2006. Whether or not Tereshinski will succeed in the starting role remains to be seen. But whether or not he was the right choice is certain. The job was always his to lose and he hasn't lost it.