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Posted March 11, 2010 09:43 am - Updated March 11, 2010 10:58 am

With a little digging and ideas, it's easy dressing green

There are two camps of attire of people who dress up for St. Patrick’s Day. There’s the group who treat it as a costume, and there’s those who just wear green. If you’re not in the dress-up-like-a-leprechaun camp, it’s possible to put together a stylish and affordable outfit that embraces green.

I went to a few shops downtown, PVC Music, 863 Broad St., and Shoppe 3130, 1126 Broad St., which have unique secondhand and vintage items. For guys, I found a few button-up shirts that can be layered. The key to layering greens is to stay within the same color but wear different shades. For example, a bright Kelly green and a light true green, solids or patterns, would work well together. A teal and true green would clash because of the blue undertones in teal.

A light green and white-embroidered long-sleeved vintage button up shirt I found at PVC Music for $17 would look great with a faded green t-shirt underneath. A vintage button-up shirt I found at Shoppe 3130 was a mint color with short sleeves and silvery buttons. It would look good with a more subdued color underneath, such as gray or forest green. It’s price was $8, but Shoppe 3130 is having weekly sales this month on their merchandise, so it will be less.

For the ladies who want to be Irish for a day, rather than falling back on that old green shirt or sweater you bring out once a year, try a bold green dress or bright green accessories. I found a few dresses at Shoppe 3130 that fit this description. One, a white and green dress with a scalloped neck, has the bright green of St. Patrick’s Day that you’d be able to wear again. It’s $29.99, full price. I paired it with a brown belt at the waist ($2 at Shoppe 3130) to complete the outfit.

Another dark green wrap dress is a great look for a curvy figure. Since the green is subtle, you could pair it with some light green and gold accessories for St. Patrick’s Day. This vintage dress has a $19.99 price tag.

For larger figures, try a flattering dark green jumper like I found at Shoppe 3130 for $5. It would look great worn with some leggings and could be layered with a light green turtleneck or a white camisole, depending on the weather this St. Patrick’s Day.

For a different look, make your accessories do the work – wear black, white or gold and carry a purse with a green pattern or bright green shoes.

What’s your best St. Patrick’s Day outfit? What will you wear this year? Tell me your thoughts here.