Posted June 20, 2011 07:31 pm - Updated June 21, 2011 06:17 pm

Bell bottoms making comeback

Samantha Dhaliwal models her '70s style. High- and mid-rise bell bottom jeans are making their comeback.

Tired of catching sight of boys' boxers or girls' rear ends every time they bend over to put away books? Everyone giggles and turns away, but no one attempts to fix this problem. Although today's teens find low rise pants flattering, fashion experts speculate that these styles will soon be extinct, along with skinny jeans and jeggings. A vintage jean style, contrary to these excessively tight or loose jeans, will make an appearance.

That's right, bell bottom enthusiasts. High- and mid-rise bell bottom jeans are making their comeback! They are being spotted on high-end runways and even on cutting-edge celebrity icon Lady Gaga. These cool and comfortable jeans give the person wearing them the feeling that they are re-creating the '70s, when these jeans really took off.

Some teens are a little cautious in trying to pull off this look off, and with good reason. It's difficult for many people, Jessica Simpson included, to not look slightly awkward in them. Even though our generation is not very fond of reaching out to our parents, in this case it would not be a bad idea to seek out your parent's advice in how to wear these jeans. I was prompted to ask my parents for tips after I saw a photo of my father from the late '70s sporting a pair similar to the ones I have.

My mother was the one to teach me do's and don'ts when wearing high-rise bells. Apparently, a sign of nerds during that era was to have creases in the jeans from the shirt you tucked in to show off your jeans. In order to prevent these weird creases, try tucking your shirt slightly into your underwear. I know this may sound odd, but it was actually pretty common back then and it does work to eliminate the shirt outlines from your jeans. The cool kids during this era also wore these jeans almost dragging on the floor in order to give their legs the appearance that they extend indefinitely. Some people believe you should wear these jeans with a flat. However, the majority of fashion websites out there will tell you that this look goes well with a wedge, high heel, or even a short boot.

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