Posted April 9, 2008 08:22 pm

Masters Week Photo Blog Part 3

Wednesday at the Masters is the Par 3 competition. We split up and each photographer covers a hole (the five holes that are most likely to produce a hole-in-one so we can capture the reaction of the fans and the golfers.) Meanwhile, I'm the roamer, jumping from hole to hole getting crowd shots, big name golfers and anything else that's interesting.

The above shot of Gary Player about to tee off on 8 was taken on self timer on top of a monopod with a 17-35mm with the unbelievable Nikon D3.

Meanwhile, our runners showed up today. Each photographer gets a runner, to run disks, bring food, carry gear, anything we want. Below is a picture of Ed, my runner for the next 4 days. I like to make him carry the 500mm around and I dictate captions to him before sending him on his merry way back to the darkroom.

And here's just a leftover photo of Damian Brandon Player, 5, who is Gary Player's grandson. He was busy signing autographs while his grandpa was being interviewed by ESPN. Cute.

Next time, we'll go over the radios and Tiger watch. Along with anything else that's interesting on Thursday.