Posted June 27, 2011 05:16 pm - Updated June 27, 2011 10:16 pm

My experiences at a youth conference

This is the 38th blog, for the 38th day of summer.


I had the opportunity to travel to Alexandria, La., with some youth in my church for a Catholic Steubenville youth conference last weekend. While the 14 hours on a bus trip through the night was long and sleepless, I had a great experience at the conference.


The days were so packed with things to do, there was no chance for any of us to go and rest in the school classroom we were camping out in. We were frequently listening to live music, listening to speakers give talks, and praying.


But, besides all the stuff we did, one of the most important parts of the experience for me was being able to bond with my friends and fellow youth. This was part of the essential parts that made me have such a great experience. At night, after all the activities were done, we sat on our sleeping bags and sang and played guitar.


After my experience, I say that if your church is going on a retreat, you should try to go. You will be able to have fun, learn some things, and grow friendships and make some new ones.