Posted March 4, 2013 04:18 pm

Give Me a Kiss

My discerning dog, Harrie, is above any frivolous smooching with his Mama.  He prefers the more sanitary Eskimo kiss – tapping our noses, one to the other. 


Mayrose and Grady?  They LOVE to give me sugar.  That’s what we call kissing at my house – sugar.  Most days, I’d gladly tell you that my babies are “full of the sweetness”.  But, don’t let Grady fool you.  Sometimes he’s a rotten little monkey.  None the less, he gives good sugar.


If you are not paying attention, Mayrose, who is lightning fast, will slip you the tongue!  On too many occasions, she has bolted at me in excitement and that tiny little Chihuahua tongue has licked my teeth.  I have to admit to being more than a little grossed out by it.  But a good old lick on the chin, or even on the mouth, is ok with me any day. It’s pure sugar, after all.


There are those who will disagree with me.  Some veterinarians say that getting a smooch from your pet carries with it an inherent risk for various zoonotic diseases.  Having seen some of the things my dogs will sniff, lick, and/or eat, I am not at all surprised about health concerns from doggie kisses.


It’s a huge debate, however, with veterinarians and pet lovers weighing in on both sides of the issue.  Some say it is “fine”, while others say “don’t do it”.  And, unfortunately, no one can give fool-proof evidence to the contrary, either way.   


Until there is definitive proof that getting some sweet sugar from my pups poses a health risk for me (or maybe for them), I’ll keep accepting their gesture of love and appreciation. 


How about you?  Do you let your dog give you kisses?  I’d love to hear your take on the issue.


Until next time, wag on Augusta!