Posted February 12, 2013 10:06 am

Can't Buy Me Love

I heard over the weekend, that we pet lovers will spend more than $850 million on our pets for Valentine’s Day. Huh? 


Let me say it again, slowly. $850 million. On our pets. For Valentine’s Day!!!!  What the what?


I love my dogs, but they can’t eat chocolate, so I would have to eat it for them.  Maybe we are actually spending all of that money on us and blaming the dog?  


Me: “Hey Grady, Mommy bought you two boxes of Thin Mints for Valentine’s Day.  If you hear plastic rattling, it’s just me making sure that your cookies are safe.”


Grady: “Thanks Mom. Love you Mom. You’re the best Mom.”


I’m single, so Valentine’s Day for me goes by another name. Thursday!


Being single on Valentine’s Day should stink, but I was reminded by a friend today that my life is full of love. Everyday!  I don’t need roses, candy, lingerie, dinner out, etc. on February 14th.  What I need is friendships that grow and deepen every year, despite the miles of distance between some of us.  What I need is to keep my eyes focused on the man who loves me the most – my Savior.  What I need is to give the love in my heart to others – to share in the joy that fills my life. 


And what I need is to wake up on Thursday and be met by three of the sweetest little faces; tails wagging and full of joy.  Dogs are love personified.  Everyday! Even on Thursday’s.  Even on Valentine’s Day. If it rains or if it shines.  You can’t buy that kind of love.


My life is blessed and more richly so, because I share my life with you, my friends, family and my dogs. I hope that your day will be filled with love, no matter what date is on the calendar.


Until next time, wag on Augusta!!