Posted December 31, 2012 04:32 pm

New Year, New Leash On Life

Well, it’s a new year, y’all!  Like many of you, I have resolved to make few changes in 2013, and I think I’ll start with leashes – literally and figuratively.


Literally, it’s time to update collars and leashes for my pups. Harrie’s collar and leash don’t even match.  I’m not sure how that happened.  But they smell funny and so, yes, they need to be replaced. He could care less what his collar looks like, as long as his tags make that distinctive jingle jangle noise when I pull it out of the cabinet.  How else would he know it was time to get off of the couch? 


Mayrose has a black collar and a harness that match, but a leash that belongs on a cat.  It was cheap, she was little, so we worked with it.  But she’s a big girl now (a whopping 5 lbs) and needs something pretty.  I’m seeing visions of pinkness and ruffles.  I don’t think she has the same vision, especially since she hates to leave the house.  I have to chase and catch her to put on her harness when it’s time to go for a walk.  Apparently “stay” in puppy language means “Oh crap. Mama wants to take me out into that big scary world and force me to pee in public”.  Pretty things have a way of changing my outlook on the world.  Maybe something pretty would have the same effect on her.


I’m not sure why, but Grady is the only one with a collar and leash that match.  It looks like it’s been through the ringer and I’m certain that he’s peed on it more than once.  It’s time for an upgrade.  Maybe a new color.  Maybe a sexy number that screams “I’m a stud. Deal with it”.  His current collar and leash scream “I’m neutered and my Mama dresses me funny”.  Yes, time for some change.


Figuratively, in my mind, having a new “leash” on life means me taking the lead and not letting others lead me. I’d like to collar a few life issues like weight and finances. Hook a leash to them and make them obey me for a change.


I love to eat out, but I need to save the calories and the money.  Maybe new dog leashes and my new leash on life can work hand in hand.  I’ll lasso up the pups and head out for a long walk.  That activity is free and burns calories.  It’s a win win.


Yes, new leashes for all.


Happy 2013, y’all.  Keep those tails waggin’, Augusta.