Posted December 20, 2012 01:09 pm

What Price Christmas Love?

My dogs understand Christmas.  Don’t laugh. It’s true! 


Last year, when we awoke on Christmas morning, I rushed the dogs outside.  Then, I came back into the living room and marveled at what a wonderful job Santa had done shopping.  When I brought the dogs back into the house, they went running for the living room (I kid you, not) and jumped up and down and ran around the tree as if begging for me to let them open a present from Santa.   They get it.  And I get that they get it.  And now I’m thinking that this means I should take it up a notch this year.


I know that gifts and love are not equivalent.   I know that there is not a gift on this planet that can replace the love that I have for someone.  So, why do I feel as if I need to spend so much more money on my dogs this Christmas?  Parents with children must feel the same way each year.  We want to make the holidays so special for them.


I ordered…umm, I mean Santa ordered, most of their gifts from Dr.’s Foster and Smith this year.  When I shop at a local pet store (which I love to do), my dogs can smell the scent of other dogs on my bag/purchase.  I knew that there was no way that I could sneak a bag from local store into the house without my pups sniffing me down. I certainly would not have been able to hide the bag.  They would have found it, shredded it, and eaten it faster than I could have said, “Who wants a hotdog?”


By Santa ordering Christmas presents online (from a warehouse that has no pet smells), I thought that I would be able to pick up the delivered box off of the front step, and place it in my closet without them noticing or caring.  But curiosity killed the cat, and I had to open the box.  I like what was bought.  I think the dogs will like what was bought.  But will it be enough?  And, will Harrie (who loves everything orange) know or care that he is getting a few clearance Halloween toys for Christmas? 


So far, besides the two Halloween clearance toys, we have:

(Y’all don’t show my dogs this list)

1 Bag of Beggin’ Strips

1 Small squeaky toy

1 Medium corduroy toy

1 Large Chubbs Hippo

1 60in long snake toy

1 Small deer antler

1 Medium Durable Stick

1 Pkg Woof Sticks, and

2 Pkg of Peanut Butter/Carob chews


And all of that cost me, I mean Santa, more than $50!


Should I do more?  Will these items entertain them for more than 10 minutes?  They don’t need anything else.  But then again, who does?  Oh the quandary of the doting pet parent. 


How much do you spend on your pups for the holidays?  I’d love to know.


Merry Christmas everyone. Keep those tails a wagging!!