Posted December 11, 2012 09:22 am - Updated December 11, 2012 09:42 am

Open Letter To My Dogs' First Families

To whom it may concern;


Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for caring for the little lives that make mine complete.  Before God brought these little gifts into my life, there was you.


Re: Grady –

Grady was found wandering down Country Club Road in Statesboro.  Do you miss him?  I imagine that you do.  Everyday.  Thankfully, someone saw him and asked around, trying to find you.  When you couldn’t be located, he was given to the Humane Society, where they had him neutered and took good care of him. Oh, how my heart would have an eternal ache if Grady ever wandered away from me.  I try and keep him leashed, but there have been a couple of times where we were alone on a trail and I just had to let him enjoy some ‘off leash’ time.  We have a special saying – “stay with”.  When he ventures the tiniest bit too far away, I call out “Grady, stay with.”   And he turns around and comes right back to me.


Grady came into my life during my second round of chemotherapy.  God knew that I needed a little luv bug to hug and kiss and share my gratitude of life with.  Maybe Grady knew how sick I was.  Maybe he is just a sweetheart.  But from the very beginning he has wanted me to hold him up high on my chest, so that he can lay his head on my shoulder.  I whisper in his ear, “Do you know how much Mama loves you?”  I hope that you can take comfort in knowing that he is pure joy to me and a bandage for a body once riddled with cancer.


Re: Harrie –

Harrie was apparently a ‘foreclosure dog’ out of Atlanta.  I guess you couldn’t take him with you.  Did you turn him in to Animal Control, or just leave him behind?  He had a bad knee and needed surgery to repair it.  He was in route from Animal Control in Atlanta to a rescue group in Pennsylvania when he was relayed to my home town and taken in by a local rescue.  He had his knee surgery here, and I fostered him while he recovered.  He is such a gentle soul and he knows my heart like none other.  Do you miss those warm brown eyes?  Or rubbing his soft little head? He thinks of you, I’m sure of it. 


Please know that he is with his forever family.  If I have to live in a tent by the river, he will always have a place with me. I can’t bear to be away from him.  His picture is on my desk at work and I look at it frequently.  When work is stressful, I take great comfort in knowing that I’ll soon be home with my wise old man. He keeps me calm and centered.  He brings comfort when I am tired, and joy when I am sad.  I am forever his.


Re: Mayrose

Your Yorkie and the neighbors Chihuahua got together one day.  After a torrid winter tryst, puppies came in the early spring.  I remember coming to your home to choose my girl from the litter of four.  Even though you admitted that the puppies were a ‘happy accident’, you charged me a $50 re-homing fee.  It’s the best ‘happy accident’ money that I have ever spent. She came to me just two months after my 14 year old dog, Abbey, passed away.  I missed Abbey so much, and I missed the joy of having another girl in the house.  Mayrose has truly filled my days with happiness and laughter.


You’d be glad to know that she has grown up well. Now ten months old, her personality is in full bloom.  She is loving and personable, although she is somewhat wary of strangers.  Her favorite toy is a tennis ball, and she never tires of me throwing it for her to fetch.  She will wear the cute outfits that I buy for her although I think that she feels as if I am torturing her with them.  And she is excited about her first Christmas.  She has been trying to eat the decorations on the Christmas tree, and I have had to take special care in moving them out of her reach. 


I had Mayrose spayed at seven months of age.  No need to worry that she will have any ‘happy accidents’.  Although, again, I am thankful that she was one.  Thank you for making sure that she had a healthy start at life, and for hugging her and feeding her until she found her home with me.


Yes, thank you, for being their first families.  Adoption is a beautiful gift.  I cannot imagine my life without these little bugs in it.  And my hope is that more people will spay/neuter their pets. And also that they will choose to adopt, not purchase, a dog for their family.  


Merry Christmas, everyone.  From my little pet family to yours – wag on!