Posted November 20, 2012 09:46 am - Updated November 20, 2012 09:46 am

Whose Bed is it Anyway?

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

When I went to bed the other night, I literally had three dogs pressed up against me.  I have a brand new queen sized bed, perfect for the Queen of the Hopson household.  Despite the ample size of the bed, there was a dog curled up next to my belly, one behind my knees, and the biggest dog was stretched out across my feet, and I thought, “Whose bed is this, anyway?”  Until it lightened.


I had thought that I had heard a little thunder.  It was raining after all.  But, Harrie, the largest dog and biggest baby of my three, didn’t react.  Must not have been thunder.  I thought maybe I was hearing things.


FWAPOWWWW! Lightening! Bright and vibrant lightening!  The thunderous boom quickly followed, but Harrie had already made his way to the top of my head and was shaking like a leaf. He gives all new meaning to the words “quick as lightening” when put to the test. 


Now, it’s nearly impossible to sleep with this big hunk of a dog sitting on my head, shaking, while two more dogs snuggle in closer to avoid being struck down in their prime.  This big, huge, magnificent bed and they are all pressing into me as if the storm will meld us into one.


There is a fluffy dog bed on the floor in the bedroom, and living room.  We have a new bean bag bed, also in the living room.  There is a sofa, appropriately covered from one end to the other in protective sheets, that makes for cozy sleeping.  And let us not forget the floor.  Isn’t that where dogs belong, anyway?


Nooooo, let’s crowd Mama out of her bed. 


But oh how I wish that I could spread out in my bed without obstruction.  Oh to be able to roll over without someone growling.  How great it would be crawl out of bed in the morning without having to dig out a puppy that has gotten wrapped up in the sheets.


I suppose I should be thankful (especially since Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away) that they want to be this close to me.  Kids will cuddle with you for a while, but then grow up and are repulsed by the thought of snuggling with their parents.  Not dogs.  They are forever little children, content to be under foot at all times, and ready at an instant to take over your lap when you sit down. Wait, what am I talking about?  I SHOULD be thankful! My attitude should be more along the lines of facing the fact that it is a pure joy that I get to spend my life devoted to these three dogs.  I love my fur babies and would do anything to ensure they are comfortable.   I guess I can sleep on a sliver of the bed – I don’t move around much in the night anyway.  And who needs a whole blanket when a corner will do just fine? 

See how well they have me trained?


Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.  And wag on!!