Posted October 30, 2012 10:29 am - Updated October 30, 2012 10:37 am

The Land of All Things Great and Wonderful

Our mornings start with the Love Fest.  Mayrose is awake precisely at 6:00 am. Our day begins like this – I feel the wiggle of a little tiny Mayrose as she leaves the warmth and secureness of the spot that she found behind my knees under the covers the night before. Slowly, she stretches and scoots to the top of the covers.  Her sweet little paws plant on the side of my head, and she licks my face.  I try to ignore her, but it’s no use.  She follows me under the covers as I try and hide.  It has become a ritual. A ritual called Love Fest.  Grady shakes off his slumber and disses his little sister, whom he also thinks is awake too early.  He buries his fuzzy head into the side of my neck and snuggles in close.  He drops his weight onto my pillow and begs for 5 more minutes of sleep. I agree. But Mayrose does not. I wrap my arms around them both and draw them in close. If they were children, they would giggle.  But they are pups and so they lick and wag their tails.  They squirm away from my grasp and Love Fest is suddenly over.  The morning has officially begun.


While I hate it when Love Fest ends, I know that I must get out of bed. My feet hit the floor to find a very hairy Harrie waiting for his morning pat on the head and back rub.  He is not one to give out kisses, but he leans into me with all of his weight and I’m pretty sure that that means that he loves me and is welcoming me to a new day.


Everyone rushes out the back door to potty.  The deed is done quickly because they know what is to follow.  We march to the kitchen where our morning ritual continues.  Well, I march.  They speed along ahead of me because they are headed to The Land of All Things Great and Wonderful.


I’m pretty sure that Harrie, Grady and Mayrose believe that the kitchen truly is The Land of All Things Great and Wonderful.  If they could open the refrigerator door by themselves, they would not need me.  I’m pretty sure that they would replace me with something more exciting, like say, a tennis ball, if they knew it could use a can opener.  But, until that day, we will wake each day with the Love Fest and dine each morn in The Land of All Things Great and Wonderful.  I have the magical opposable thumbs and therefore all of the power in The Land.  I could let this go to my head, but I know who is really in control.  So, I prepare a breakfast for the three furry faces staring back at me, tails wagging.


Recently, I've begun cooking a special recipe for Harrie because of his allergies.  It consists of hamburger meat, carrots, sweet peas and olive oil over a bed of rice.  Last night, I even made a batch of homemade dog treats. Yummo!  Is it any wonder that I have trouble moving around my kitchen with 12 little paws right up underneath me?  It's certainly no wonder why my loves would consider the kitchen The Land of All Things Great and Wonderful. 


Have a great Halloween and keep wagging on, Augusta.