Posted October 16, 2012 09:42 am - Updated October 19, 2012 09:31 am

Pet Shop Local

Grady in his dapper bowtie

I love shopping local.  There is nothing wrong with a big box pet store, but I love the personal attention that you get in a smaller, locally owned shop. 


I’m a Facebook fan of a sweet little pet store called The Bone-i-fide Bakery, in downtown Aiken.  I love that they frequently post “giveaway’s”, have a commitment to the well-being of dogs and cats, and that they make a lot of their own treats – including special holiday and birthday treats complete with doggie safe icing!  They were the only store on our local shopping agenda this past weekend and we could not wait to get there.  Grady and I hit the interstate - sunroof open, windows down, and hair blowing in the breeze.  It was the perfect weather for a short trip from Grovetown, Georgia to Aiken, South Carolina.



Grady, wearing his Fall colored bowtie, looked very smart as we hit the sidewalks of Laurens Street.  While I strolled, he peed on every tree that he got within three feet of.  The weather was beautiful and the folks in Aiken know how to make you and your pets feel welcome. Yes, we were enjoying our road trip and looking forward to getting our local pet shopping on.


After Grady had loved on a few amblers and had checked himself out in a store front window (or five), we spotted The Bone-i-fide Bakery and made a bee line for their front door.  Bone-i-fide was hosting a pet adoption in association with a local rescue right out front.  Grady showed off his handsome smile and dapper bowtie, assuring these pups that they too would soon be smiling with their forever Moms and/or Dads.  He is such a rock star, my boy.


My first impression of Bone-i-fide was about to get a mega positive boost! We opened the sweet little screened door and entered a narrow, yet long and abounding, full service pet store.  In the front of the store is where you can find items for cats.  Homemade dog treats and confections were in the middle, followed by various healthy selections of dog foods and factory manufactured dog treats.  In the very back of the store was a pet salon with groomers working at a hectic pace, as there were several dogs patiently waiting to be pampered.  I also noticed toys, leashes, collars and novelty items including t-shirts.  It was all eye candy for a shopaholic like me.


The homemade treats were only $7.98 a pound.  We bought a generous amount in a wide variety, and never even made it to the one pound mark!  I probably should have made Grady sniff each choice and make my selection to ensure he would love his treats.  But, Grady has a propensity for peeing in pet stores, so I just picked a few of each and hoped for the best.


Of the grouping of treats that I took home, the winners were the Oatmeal Soft Bites, the Blueberry Hearts, the BBQ Beefie Bones, and the Aiken’s Bacon.  Surprisingly, the biggest winner of all was the duck feet. Yes, honest to goodness duck feet.  Gross, right?  But my dogs LOVED them! 


I had refrained from giving the dogs their duck feet until late in the day.  A Nascar race was coming on TV and whether or not I was going to get to watch it depended totally on the dogs love for or revulsion of this unique treat.  When the race announcer starting shouting “Green, green, green”, I tossed three duck feet onto the floor and, quick as lightening, each dog pounced and ran off to separate corners with their prizes.


I never heard another word out of them.  Bliss!


The Bone-i-fide Bakery is at 127 Laurens Street, SW in Aiken.  They are open Monday-Friday 9-6 and Saturday’s 9-5.  You should visit them soon, and often! They offer pet adoptions each Saturday.  And, I am hoping that Britt Croft Photography will be doing some people and pet mini sessions as the holidays roll around.   Look them up on Facebook – The Bone-i-fide Bakery and Britt Croft – for upcoming events. 


Where is your favorite local place to shop for your pets? 


Wag on, Augusta!!