Posted October 2, 2012 11:06 am - Updated October 2, 2012 11:09 am

Fall Festivals and Blessed Animals

October seems to be the month for Fall festivals and the blessing of animals.  Why, just this past weekend, Mayrose was blessed.  And this coming weekend I look forward to attending my favorite festival of the Fall season – Oliver Hardy Festival in beautiful downtown Harlem, Georgia.


Let’s start by talking about pets -


Without a doubt, I caught the first (or at least one of the first) Blessing of the Animals events for this Fall.  Augusta’s October calendar will typically have ample opportunities to get your pet blessed. Most Episcopal churches make plans to honor St. Francis of Assisi and the gift that God has given us in the love of our pets. We chose to attend a wonderful Blessing of the Animals event at the Church of the Holy Comforter on Fury’s Ferry Road.  I would love to have attended an event at my home church, but it seems that my religious affiliation doesn’t believe that pets have a soul to sin, therefore they don’t go to Heaven. Haha.  They haven’t met my boy, Grady!! He’s sneaky, that one.  Besides, everyone knows that ‘all dogs go to Heaven’.


Anyway, we were welcomed to the event with delicious treats for people and pets. A wonderful volunteer took a picture of Mayrose and me to commemorate the occasion.  The Boy Scouts were on hand to provide Poop Patrol and sell popcorn, although not at the same time.


Also in attendance were birds and cats (a bad combo on any other day), dogs, hamsters, a turtle and something that looked very reptilian, although I can promise you that I did not get close enough to be truly sure. Everyone behaved. Everyone was blessed – owners and pets alike.


Now, festivals -


They will not be blessing pets at the Oliver Hardy Festival this weekend, although I’ll bet that there will be some beautiful horses in the parade. (I hope that the horses will be followed by a Boy Scout scooping the poop).  Maybe I’m partial to this particular festival because I’m from Harlem.  I have to say that there is not a more beautiful and quaint little town than this on the first weekend of October every year.  For more information on the Oliver Hardy Festival, visit


I love to explore all of the vendors – both food and crafts.  The Stan and Ollie look-alike contest is sure to be a highlight of the day.  I’ll undoubtedly see many old friends and maybe make a few new ones, too.  The festivities will stretch on well into the evening, so, if you come, plan on spending a day of leisure, shopping and dining.  Don’t rush through.  Pull up a stump and stay a spell. Enjoy.


Now, to blend two of my favorite things together, I’m truly looking forward to the Mutt Strutt and Canine Carnival.  It will be held on Saturday, October 27th at Evans Towne Center Park.  There will be a pet walk to benefit homeless pets and local animal rescue in the CSRA, games, vendors, food, low cost microchipping and a pet costume contest.  Check them out at


Yes, I’m looking forward to Fall.  I’m already feeling blessed and festive.  How about you?  What are your favorite people and pet events?


Until next week, wag on Augusta!