Posted September 25, 2012 10:28 am

Food Wars

In an effort to eat healthier, I have begun to take in less processed foods and replace them with more vegetables and whole foods.  I admit, however, that I don’t always like the taste or the difficulty in preparing these foreign foods.  Pizza is easy.  I either pop a frozen one in the oven, or call Papa John’s (they are on my speed dial).  Water vs. Dr. Pepper?  I prefer Dr. Pepper, of course.


Eating healthier has many advantages, and I want to benefit from them all.  While I can admit that I feel better when eating a more healthy diet, I am not at all excited about a salad or veggie chili.  Still, the benefits cannot be denied, so I try.  I am at war with my taste buds, but I try.


The dogs have been forced to eat better, too.  Every bag of dry kibble that I have tried over the past 6 months has said some version of  ‘GRAIN FREE’, ‘CHICKEN FREE’ or ‘LIMITED INGREDIENTS’.  I have returned bags that the dogs simply refused to eat.  The current version of ‘CHICKEN FREE’ food seems to be slowly disappearing.  But, it’s not a winner.  I’m pretty sure that they eat this kibble out of shear hunger and desperation.   Mayrose is still on puppy food and, on occasion, I have found that her recently full bowl is now empty.  There is a lot more fat in puppy food – so says Harrie, as he burps and licks his guilty lips. 


On a recent trip to the pet store, the boys and I ventured down the dog food isle, to see if there was anything new on the high grade dog food market.  Harrie tugged and pulled, finally dragging me toward the forbidden junk dog food – full of grain and chicken and who knows what else – and sat down, refusing to budge.  “Ok, ok” I say.  “Just one small can, because you’re a good boy”.  We have to make exceptions sometimes, right?


I suppose that makes it all the more profound that I was recently escorted out of a Publix for having a meltdown over Frosted Flakes.  I just wanted them.  I wanted all of them.  FYI – the buggy holds 32 boxes. 


An isle or two later, I started to regret my decision to fall from the good graces of healthy eating with the likes of Frosted Flakes.  I could not let them be my downfall. So, I dropped off a couple of boxes by the olives.  And two more by the paper towels.  Then three by the chips, slowly talking myself back into health food sanity.  The manager approached cautiously, asking if he could help me put away the remaining boxes of Frosted Flakes, in their proper spot on isle three. I sat down on the floor, refusing to budge, and begged to keep just one box – "JUST ONE BOX!!!!"  It was then that I was asked to leave. 


Poor Harrie.  I really do get it.  The ‘good for you’ stuff doesn’t taste very good.  However, being healthy trumps a dreaded illness any day of the week.  It feels good to feel good, and a healthy diet, along with a daily long walk, is what makes us feel good.  Frosted Flakes and chicken be damned.