Posted September 17, 2012 12:39 pm - Updated September 17, 2012 12:51 pm

The 'No Push' Present

Mayrose got fixed on Friday.  No, she wasn’t broken.  It was just that time in her young female life.  I thought I was going to need some fixing myself before it was all said and done.  There is just something about sending your baby in to surgery that will cause you to come a little bit unglued. 


After being NPO (without food or water) since midnight on Thursday night, my sweet girl woke up hungry and thirsty on Friday morning.  It was so hard to refrain from feeding her.  But those were the rules, and I wanted her to have as smooth a day as possible.   


When we arrived at Dr. Diane Gaffigan’s office on Friday morning, we were greeted by our favorite nurses and staff.   It is such a blessing to have familiar and friendly faces meet you at the door when you (ok, maybe it’s just me) are already stressed about the days’ events to come.  We weighed May and she was a whopping 5 lbs!  I kissed her and hugged her and then kissed and hugged her some more.  Soon, Pam was prying her from my hands and gently reassuring me that she would be fine.  I knew that she would be ok, but I wanted to stay and be near her.  Back at the front desk there was a chorus of “Bye. Take care. We’ll call you. Don’t worry.”  I honestly think that the staff was glad to see this Nervous Nelly walk out the front door.  They would never say that, but a Crazy Baby Mama knows.


I took a deep breath and went shopping.  Yes, Retail Therapy would be helpful.  My baby needed a new toy and some treats, for sure.


As promised, at 12:45 pm, I received the call that I was dying for, and was told that Mayrose was doing fine.  She was wagging her tail and being a good little trooper.  I couldn’t wait to see her, but was told to call back at 4:00 pm.  If she was doing fine then, I could come and pick her up.  Luckily, at 4:08 pm (see, I waited a few minutes so that they wouldn’t think I was a complete nut) she was doing great and I headed out to get my girl. 


Never have I seen a more beautiful and pitiful sight.  My baby was glad to see me, but too groggy to be excited.  She laid her sweet head on my shoulder and just relaxed.  Once home, I placed her in her crate and lay down on the floor next to her.  She whimpered and grunted.  My heart hurt.  She turned around and lay back down, with a whine.  My heart hurt.  I hated seeing my poor baby feeling so badly. 


At 8:00 pm, I couldn’t take it anymore.  She was so uncomfortable that I finally offered her the pain medication that had been sent home by Dr. Gaffigan.  With a now drunken sigh, Mayrose seemed to say, “Hey, are those butterflies?  Those purple clouds are beautiful.  Can the watermelon and the dancing peach stay and play?”  And off to sleep she went.


The next two days were a steady progression of health and happiness. 


In the midst of my worrying and fretting and watching her every move and grunt, I had forgotten to give her the gift that I had bought.  Most women who give birth get a ‘Push Present’.   Since May would now never know childbirth, I decided she needed a ‘No Push’ Present.  Thanks to my dear friend, Jalina Colon and her Doggie Couture collection, Mayrose now has not one, but three new bows to wear.   Like her Mama, May is now fixed and fashionable. 


Thanks again to Dr. Diane Gaffigan and her staff at Blanchard Woods Animal Hospital.  Their kindness and patience are unsurpassed.   


Please remember to spay or neuter your pet.  It’s good for their health and even better for the unwanted pet population.


Until next week, wag on Augusta.