Posted September 11, 2012 10:40 am - Updated September 11, 2012 01:42 pm

The Pet Sitter

It’s hard being the single Mom of three adorable dogs.  The play dates, the trips to the dog park, the occasional grooming or vet appointment and the twice daily walks – they keep me on my toes.  Mayrose is constantly asking me to take her to the pet store.  She’s at that age, you see, where every toy looks like something that she absolutely has to have.  And, of course, I’m more worried about making sure she’ll have a winter coat that fits.


Thank goodness for Pet Sitters.  And, thank goodness for Debbie Negus at A+ Pets and Plants (  


Debbie has been visiting our house this week because Harrie is on a medication that makes him pee - A LOT!  Since I’m not able to make it home at lunch every day to take Harrie outside to relieve himself, I asked Debbie if she could come over and provide Harrie and Grady with a short walk outside, and also let Mayrose out back for a little potty break of her own.  That Debbie!  She is so sweet and she was glad to come over and check on my babies. 


Debbie always leaves me a note to let me know how the visit went. Yesterday, Harrie apparently peed many times and even pooped twice on their walk.  What a good fellow.  Debbie even picks up the poop, which is important to me, because I hate seeing piles of other dogs poop on our walks.  


Mayrose decided to give Debbie a run for her money, unfortunately.  Mayrose is teeny tiny and slick.  She’s also as quick as lightening. 


As soon as I arrived home, I could tell that something was amiss.  The couch had been moved – just a little.  The blanket on the couch was topsy turvy.  Yes, Mayrose had created some mayhem.  According to the note that Debbie had left for me, it took her a solid 45 minutes to catch Mayrose.  Yes, you heard me.  Forty Five Minutes!  But, Debbie took it all in stride.  She’s a professional.  I was mortified to know that my puppy had been so unruly.  What a rotten little monkey she is.  Thank goodness for Debbie’s patience and kind heart.


Hopefully today will go better.  Is it ok to tip the Pet Sitter?  If so, Debbie surely deserves a cake or a million dollars or a yacht in the Bahamas.  I’ll have to see what I can do.  I’m just so thankful for her services, her spirit and her love for my dogs – and yours.


Until next week, wag on Augusta!!