Posted September 4, 2012 04:29 pm - Updated September 5, 2012 09:31 am

It's Fall, y'all!

Ahhh, it’s that time of the year when the weather starts to change.  The leaves are beginning to fall and there is a hint of crispness in the evening air.  On nice nights, I love to walk the dogs – long, long, long walks.  It’s wonderful.


Fashion options begin to change this time of year, too.   So, of course, Grady and Harrie had to have new bow ties from   We love her collars and bow ties! 


On Saturday, I noticed that my neighbor had redecorated her front porch.  She had put away all of the summer décor and replaced it with a pumpkin patch.  Some people just have a knack for decorating.  Sadly, I’m not one of them.   


Seeing an opportunity to get in a Fall 2012 photo session with the dogs, I quickly coiffed Grady’s mohawk and put on his new bow tie.  We crossed the street and knocked on the neighbors’ door.  No answer.


Grady: “Darn, huh?  Let’s go.”


Me: “We’ll do it really quick.  Just let me get in a few shots.”


I sat Grady down in front of a stack of pine straw and scarecrows and began to click away.


Click, click.  “Grady, no no. Sit down, son.” 

Click, click, click.  “Grady, sit.” 

Click. “Son, sit down. Grady. Sit. Sit. SIT!”


Luckily, I was able to get in a few good shots.  The neighbor was never aware that I had turned her front yard into my backdrop.  To be fair, however, Harrie will be getting coiffed and dressed up this afternoon.  Maybe the neighbor won’t answer when we knock again.


Do you take seasonal or special photographs of your dog(s)?  Tell me about them.  Where is your favorite place to photograph?


Until next week, wag on Augusta!!