Posted August 14, 2012 11:58 am

Terms of Endearment

All of my dogs have full names. There is Harrie Nathaniel, Grady Oliver, and Mayrose Claire.  If that makes me crazy, sign me up!  To prove to you that I’m fully nuts about my dogs, they all also have handmade outfits from my dear doggie couture designer friend, Jalina Colon ( So, there you have it!  I’m crazy – about my dogs.

Each of the pups have pet names (pun intended).  Thankfully, they each come to me when I call, no matter what I call them.  These terms of endearment have grown and taken shape over the years.  Harrie frequently gets called Hare Bear, Harrie Bear, Handsome Harrie, Hare and Harrie Monkey.

Grady is often called Grady Tatey, Tatey, Grader Tater, Grades and Tates.  For some reason, when I call him Grady Wady, he cringes.  I’m not sure why.

Mayrose has the most fun name of all.  She is often called May, May May, May Rosie Posie, Maylee May, and May Monkey. 

Each of the three often get called Monkey, Pumpkin’ or Punkin’ Head.  Is it too much? Am I over the top? Surely not.

Recently, I met a man whose dog was named Joe.  Joe was a sweet chocolate lab.  Joe loved his man, and it seemed that the man loved Joe.  The man called Joe to his side and began ruffling his fur, all the while calling him his “little crapper”.  What?

I also think that a pet lends himself or herself  to certain pet names by their personalities and actions.   Maybe your pets’ pet name is already endearing.  I’ve met a Cookie and a Wiggles.  I’ve even met a Sunshine and a Speedy. If that’s the case, do they also have other nicknames – I mean pet names?

Tell me about your pets’ pet name.  I’m sure that you all have some wonderful terms of endearment for your little Lovey Dovey’s. Oops, there I go again. Now I’m giving YOUR pet a pet name!  Ok, maybe I am over the top.  But I love it!!

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Until next week, wag on, Augusta!!