Posted July 31, 2012 10:04 am

Why My Next Dog Will be Named Husband

I'm 44 years old and single.  Sometimes I'm painfully single, but mostly I'm peacefully single. I have a great life with the love of friends and family.  Church, job, home - all wonderful.

But, I don't have a husband.

I have friends who say, "Do yourself a favor and stay single".  Some of my friends have terrific and loving husbands. Some have husbands who need to be shipped off to a desserted island, and left.

But, I don't have a husband.

Maybe it's true that you always want what you don't have. While I'll never give up on the dream of having a husband, I do believe that in the meantime I can keep a sense of humor about my singleness.  How?

I'll name my next dog, Husband!

Every night, I'll go out into the back yard and yell, "Husband! Husband, come on inside now!".  When someone calls and asks what I'm doing, I might say, "Oh, Husband and I were just watching some TV".  And, every summer, I can plan a vacation for myself - and Husband.

Ok, let's be honest. There ain't nothing like the real thing, baby.  I am certain that, one day, I will be happily married. Yes, I am certain of it. But, until then, Husband and I will hang out and sniff at the old bones that get tossed our way.

Have fun and wag on, Augusta.