Posted June 12, 2014 08:16 pm - Updated June 13, 2014 06:38 pm

The Shortest Amateur Golf Career ... Like Ever

When the golfers of the newly-christened Peak Amateur Series tee off on Saturday morning at Persimmon Hill Country Club for the North Augusta Exchange Club/Persimmon Hill Classic, one name in the season points standings will be inconspicuously absent – MINE.


That’s right (sigh!). You heard it here first – my Peak Amateur Series career is over.


Now, before we start making any sponsors nervous here (that, was a joke), while I have made the decision, well, actually my golf game made the decision for me, to “retire” (in the boxing sense of the word) from the series, I have to clarify that it’s only until my game catches up with my ambitions.


It was Don Quixote and the windmill thing all over again. Only my windmills were Par 5s and bunker shots. For some reason, I thought my game was decent enough to go out and play with the area’s amateur Big Boys. Tragically, it wasn’t. And over a two-day span the Belle Meade Country Club’s blue tees “whipped my fanny” to the tune of 371 shots. So many shots, in fact, that after the scores were printed in The Augusta Chronicle I received a sponsorship offer from Ben Gay. Well, not really. But I was super sore after I left the club on Sunday afternoon.


I was also super embarrassed.


Not only for myself, and there was plenty to be had there, but for the series. I sliced drives into the highway, and even hooked one into the golf carts next to the clubhouse. I topped so many shots I lost count. I skulled chip shots over the tops of greens. I did not belong there.


I had wanted to support the series, and if I shot around 100 or 110 then so be it. But what happened was a travesty. I felt so bad I sent an e-mail to new series sponsor Mike Frazier of Peak Employment Solutions apologizing for my play. His reply was both kind and encouraging. He was a true gentleman, and I look forward to seeing what his involvement will do to energize the series in the years ahead.


And speaking of gentlemen, the men I played with on Saturday and Sunday – Lewis White, Charles Nasworthy, Brent Yon and Vic Dye – were true golf champions in my mind. They could have really come down hard on me, for displaying such hubris so brazenly, but instead they showed a support and respect I could only have dreamed of. They were actually proud of me for staying the course and finishing both rounds and still turning in my scorecards despite my struggles.


Golf is truly a gentleman’s game, is it not?


Seriously, if your game is better than mine, and there is, like, a 100-percent chance that it is. Give the series a try. Spend a couple of days on a golf course near you, collect some series points and meet some of the best people the Augusta area has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


So, until we meet again I will be at the driving range, swinging and chipping and putting away. And just as no one knows when Tiger Woods will make his much-anticipated return to the PGA Tour, no one knows (or cares) when I will be making MY return to the Peak Amateur Series.


But here is a hint. I have my eye set on August.


Stay tuned.



PEAK AMATEUR SERIES – Upcoming Tournaments

  • June 14-15 North Augusta Exchange      Club/ Persimmon Hill Classic
  • June 28-29- Woodside Plantation event
  • July 12-13- Perry Watson Memorial at      Pine Ridge
  • July 18-19-20 Augusta City Amateur at      Forest Hills Golf Club
  • July 26-27- Ping Invitational at      Gordon Lakes
  • August 2-3- Orville White Cup at      Midland Valley
  • August 9-10- Goshen Golf Classic
  • August 16-17- First Tee of Aiken      Invitational at Houndslake
  • August 23-24- E-Z-Go Classic at Jones      Creek
  • TBD- Matches (September)