Posted May 1, 2014 11:01 pm - Updated May 1, 2014 11:02 pm

Welcome Home!

You should probably watch your step – in our house there are boxes everywhere.


That’s just the way love goes, though. After over a decade of marriage, countless ups and downs and a pair of children to boot, suddenly the impossible becomes all too real. Home ownership – the American Dream – hits you square in the face like some bizarre re-shoot of the final scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, only it’s not Steven Spielberg directing, but YOU, and it’s not being shot in some secret government warehouse in Area 51 – it’s your house!


THE BACKSTORY: My wife, Sheila, and I owned a couple of homes before we recently moved into Graniteville’s expansive Sage Creek subdivision. The difference is those two homes were not new. Not even close. The first one was located in a little community called Bolentown, in Orangeburg County. It was a tiny starter home – tiny as in you had to walk outside and into a nearby shed to wash and dry clothes. The second was a ground-in and renovated mobile home in a part of Edgefield County where the deer outnumber humans by at least a 3-to-1 margin. In between those addresses we rented homes in Greenwood and Edgefield.        


In other words, none of the places we had lived were what we could call our very own.


They were good places to live, for sure. The Bolentown General Store had some of the best double cheeseburgers I have ever eaten, and our place in Trenton had privacy and tons of room for the kids to play. But we lived in those places more so out of circumstance rather than true desire.


Now, back in the real world, it’s time to unpack – but where to begin?    


Clothes … dishes … toys … OH MY!!


The room begins to spin – you can’t tell the underwear box from the Blu-ray box. Where are my keys? Where are the cups? Have you seen the trash bags? Where are Sara’s white dress shoes? I put my brown belt in the box with the dishwashing liquid, right? Where is Dylan’s other Iron Man shoe?


You get the idea.


Suddenly, two very important words, words you have never before really allowed yourself to utter with conviction, bring calm to the chaos – WELCOME HOME!


Now that’s surviving with a smile.