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Posted November 29, 2010 09:37 pm

Eye Candy

Every once in a while a photo I like won't make it into the paper. Usually it's just because there isn't room and that's exactly what happened with this photo. 

Of course, now we have a blog as an outlet for these lost gems. In the old days they would just stay lost.

I shot this one as I was driving back from another assignment.  Days earlier I had noticed these huge pipes lined up along the side of the road and I thought "It'd make a nice image if there were some guys working in those pipes."  I dismissed the thought and filed it under "Not gonna happen." Well, I figured it would happen, but I wouldn't be around to see it.


Of course it did happen and I was able to make a picture. Around here we call this "eye candy" - a little short on substance but nice to look at nevertheless.