Posted September 29, 2006 12:22 pm

To Tip or not to Tip?

Somehow I feel quite sure that the subject of TIPPING has already appeared in this Augusta Chronicle Blog space. For you “older” and more knowledgeable bloggers please let me know if it has. I have a problem with tipping, but let me clarify: Going to a nice restaurant and being well served and attended to, tipping the waiter/waitress is a natural and appropriate way to express your appreciation. Tipping the Maitre D’, the Sommelier, the Chef, the coat check girl and Valet runner becomes a little much. Going to a buffet restaurant where you have to serve yourself with drinks the wait staff fully expects a 15% tip. Why are they even there? Taxi drivers, doormen, bell captains, bellboys, hair stylists, shoe shiners, croupiers, car washes, the list goes on but most anyone in the personal service business expects and get tips. Even the folks at Starbucks have a tip jar. Do I get a better Latte if I tip? Are we supposed to feel empathy for those who are in the business of living off tips? In some parts of the country mailmen expect a generous tip at Christmas time for doing their jobs. It can’t be good for our wonderful IRS, that taxes our earnings, since I do not for a moment believe that all tips are declared. I’m not saying stop tipping; I will say that all taxes on tangible goods provided should be deducted before applying the appropriate tip. I will also say that this tipping business is getting out of hand.